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Welcome to 10 of the Best ®. At 10 of the Best ® you get the top 10 listings instantly. All you have to do is pick your favourite. It's that simple!

10 of the Best! is an exciting new dining, drinking and functions guide, that give's the online searcher an informed choice to 10 of the best venues instantly.

Our 10 of the Best! categories are arranged by popular cuisine, speciality, unique type, suburb, region and destinations. A few "10 of the Best!" examples are, Sydney Harbour restaurants, Perth rooftop bars, Hardware Lane restaurants Melbourne, Bali beachfront wedding reception venues and 21st birthday party function venues Brisbane.

Our venue selections are based upon a wide range of dining criteria, consumer experience feedback, hospitality market place perceptions, contributions to their particular cuisine, field of endeavour, online positioning of the venue, uniqueness of design and space, peer group recommendations, and above all the venues commitment to quality and service.

10 of the best! is designed to offer the dining consumer a quality and unbiased search result, allowing access to the best venues quickly and more precisely. But we don't like to rest on laurels either. We're always on the look-out for outstanding venues and would like to consider your recommendations too.

So, if you feel you've discovered a unique function venue, enjoyed the most sumptuous dish, seen an amazing designed space or experienced a romantic evening out. Let us know by simply clicking on to the "Recommend a Venue" page, and leave us your venue recommendation.

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